Cedar And Log Home Finishes

The Stain Shop has many different options for cedar and log home finishes, stains and sealers. They come in a variety of colors to match any aesthetic you are aiming for and make your home look amazing, while being protected from the elements. Armstrong-Clark’s semi transparent and semi-solid finishes are one of the best finishes for cedar and log homes. These amazing finishes won’t chip, crack or peel. The popular semi-transparent by Armstrong-Clark is a high quality log home stain that creates a finish that enhances the look of the wood and protects it from the UV rays of the sun and moisture from rain. Armstrong’s transparent tones formula makes the wood “pop” and is a great choice for a cedar deck stain. It gives the user two layers of protection with only one brush stroke! Outlast Q8 log oil is a good choice for a deck stain and sealer as it stands out as the best preservative and stain combination. It can withstand harsh environments and ensure the longevity of decks and cedar and log homes. The water-resistant film allows for trapped moisture to escape from the wood and prevent them from rotting away. Ready Seal is not only a wood stain, it’s a wood stain and sealer. It provides a hassle-free application while still creating a quality coating for outdoor wood projects. Sikken’s log and siding is a translucent formula that provides a great option for finishing cedar and log homes. It has excellent micro-porosity and flexibility that offers years of protection.

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